Many organisations are not fully versed in the information management / geographical data arena, and only have a requirement for professional expertise on a project by project basis. As a result, GeoRoc Consulting can assist you organisation by understanding your resourcing requirements and help you to source the right candidate, quickly and effectively.


Utilising location intelligence to make smarter decisions...

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Analysing, interpreting, and understanding complex spatial data for a range of clients is at the core of our business activities, and at GeoRoc Consulting we offer a range of comprehensive geographic data driven solutions. These range from carrying out geospatial statistics, location analysis, to the development and implementation of data strategies to help businesses make more informed decisions around project planning, optimisation and risk management.


GeoRoc Consultancy is a data driven consultancy that designs and delivers tailored solutions for organisations of all sizes, across diverse market sectors and geographies.

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Analysing intelligent location based information to help businesses make 
smarter and more informed decisions

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Founded with the primary objective of addressing the growing gap within the emerging geospatial technology market, GeoRoc Consulting is a start-up tech consultancy focused on supporting businesses understand complex location based information, and developing data handling strategies to better inform decision making processes

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