Abbas Mahmood 

Director / Principle Consultant

In 2014, Abbas established GeoRoc Consulting, which is focused on the applied science of geographic enquiry and spatial analysis to develop evidence-based planning and conceptual design strategies. Systems thinking is integral to his project design, management and delivery approach, embedding the use of the right technologies and improved business processes to ensure the flow and use of information intelligence drives its success. His experience in dealing with large quantities of datasets and making sense of conflicting customer requirements has enabled him to develop effective communication approaches, through data visualisation and simplification of requirements into actionable objectives and tasks.

Prior to establishing GeoRoc Consulting, Abbas had over 10 years of industry experience covering a wide range of themes which included public, private and third sector clients. Here he facilitated organisations improve decision making and business processes through the implementation of data strategies and deployment of geospatial technologies. Additionally, Abbas also aided a range of organisations to grow strategically by identifying and recruiting specific roles by connecting the right industry individuals with the best sector employers.

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GeoRoc Consulting was established in 2014 as a start-up tech consultancy with the primary objective of addressing the growing gap within the emerging geospatial technology market. We create business strategies that generate actionable results by providing a range of consulting and resourcing services, each uniquely tailored to individual client requirements.

We aim to deliver actionable business intelligence sourced from location based data. Our services range from carrying out simple location based analysis, to complex data exploration to support investigative studies and decision making processes. We have also helped a number of different organisations strategically grow by identifying and recruiting for variety of project roles. Ultimately, through the application of geospatial statistics and analysis, we support businesses make more informed decisions around project planning, risk management, compliance and assurance, in addition to asset management.