Migrating your data effectively to ensure a
smooth system implementation.


"We don’t trust the information in our data, it’s possible we’re making the wrong business decisions"

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Helping your organisation to source the right candidate,quickly and effectively, utilising our network of experts to resource your project team.


“We have won a new project and need help recruiting a team of full stack data specialists”

​Implementing a data strategy based on the
unique needs of your organisation



“We have raw fish stock data, can we use it to understand population hotspots?"

From handling raw data for initial opportunity analysis, to the implementation of data strategies and delivery of tailored solutions, our comprehensive services and solutions have supported investigative studies and inform key business decision making processes across a multitude of high profile international projects by deploying industry leading software’s and applications.

Although the analysis of spatial information within the natural resources, property and environmental sectors is not new, recent advancements in technology has seen it embraced across a broader array of business and management functions such as logistics, site and facilities management, marketing, decision making, and project planning.

For instance understanding spatial information can support market researchers undertaking a cost benefit analysis of a potential new store location by forecasting revenue that could be generated from a particular location, as well as measuring the impacts of nearby competitors. Subsequently applications such as ERSI GIS suites allows the users to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in ways simply not possible in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet, and therefore allowing business managers make better and more informed decisions with the knowledge that spatial information has been considered. This has seen an increasing number of businesses make use of spatial information for a variety of routine decision support and analysis applications (e.g. market and demographic analyses).

Geospatial technologies can help you answer complex questions, and support key project decisions.

Risk Management – Is our data handling strategy GDPR compliant?
Engineering & Construction – Is this pipeline buried deep enough?

Site Suitability & Optimisation – Is this a good place to build a wind farm?
Analysing Trends & Patterns – Based on current fishing quotas, will stock remain at a sustainable level in 5 years?

The geodata consultancy that designs and delivers tailored solutions

for organisations of all sizes. 


The need to have a well versed and skilled data team is an important step in the delivery of any project.

We understand that many organisations only have a requirement for certain professional expertise on a project by project basis, and at GeoRoc Consulting we offer a tailored resourcing service whereby combining industry knowledge and industry experience in order to understand your requirements and assist your organisation to source the right candidate, quickly and effectively, be it contract permanent or interim.

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Many organisations struggle to understand which data is accurate and up to date, and which data is inaccurate and out of date. In order to improve business operations and decision-making ability, the underlying data used to support business decisions must be consistent, accurate, reliable, accessible, and integrated with key business systems and applications that need to use it.

At GeoRoc Consulting we can design and implement a master data management strategy that will help you to improve the overall quality of data by removing duplicates, standardizing data, and incorporating guidelines to prevent incorrect data formats from entering the organisation.

With a focus on data management and metadata management, we can help you give you greater control of your data, determine a singular point of truth as well implement a system allowing you to track changes and past data iterations.





From handling raw data for initial opportunity analysis, to the delivery of tailored solutions and results, with a strong focus on the applied use of geographic evidence-based research, GeoRoc Consulting can carry out a range of analysis on your data and convert raw unprocessed information into asset that it should be.

We are highly experienced in applying our specialist GIS knowledge to suit our clients’ unique needs. From site search and visual impact modelling for renewable energy developers, to constraints mapping and visualisations for architects, through to design of interactive decision support tools and scenario modelling for local authorities. Our models are routinely used as evidence in support of planning applications and actively support current working.

To find out more information about any our services, to discuss a particular project, or just an informal chat, Contact Us.

For most organisations handling data, there will often come a point when you will need to migrate your data from one system to another. The reasons behind the need are numerous. With a focus on spatial data, GeoRoc Consulting can assist your organisation upgrade its GIS platforms, change platforms (moving from GE Smallworld or Hexagon’s G/Technology to something like ESRI’s ArcGIS or even the open-source QGIS), or the most common reason we see is platform consolidation.

 Whatever the reason, a GIS data migration is a substantial effort for any organisation and we could assist in making the transition smoother and error free.





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Data Quality

GeoRoc Consulting can undertake an initial tactical data quality assessment or design an end to end data quality remediation strategy. Data used in projects for visualization, analysis, compilation, and sharing should meet a defined standard for quality, if this is not present, the results from data analysis used to support key project decisions may be based in incorrect or skewed information. GeoRoc Consulting can help implement a data quality management system that provides tools to systematically perform quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) on your data, efficiently work through the issues identified, and generate quality-related reports.

Data Cleansing

There are a number of reasons that contribute to data quality issues, and these causes can differ greatly, and sometimes not very evident, and therefore making it difficult to quantify, and ultimately fix. GeoRoc Consulting can analyse each uniquely complex client environment, and build a cleansing strategy that is logical, structured, and delivery focussed. ​

Data Enrichment

GeoRoc Consulting can help you to determine gaps in your current data landscape, identify targeted enhancement areas and advise on solutions and strategies to mitigate potential issues from arising.  

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Helping you differentiate which data is accurate and upto date, and which data is inaccurate or out of date


"We have numerous versions of the same data, which is correct?"

​Turning your data into the organisational asset
that it should be


"We don’t trust the information in our data, it’s likely we’re making the wrong business decisions"