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​​​​The need to have a well versed and skilled data team is an important step in the delivery of any project.
We understand that many organisations only have a requirement for certain professional expertise on a project by project basis, and at GeoRoc Consulting we offer a unique approach to project resourcing. We combine industry knowledge and experience to understand your individual requirements, and assist your organisation to source the right candidate, quickly and effectively, be it contract, permanent or interim.


At GeoRoc Consulting, our resourcing services differ from the traditional setup, with us clients only pay a single flat fee when someone permanent or contract is hired.

Our Simple and Transparent Pricing Model
Client fee for a permanent or contract candidate hired via GeoRoc Consulting? £4000 (+ VAT).There are no additional charges or constraints. 

Could We Be Saving You Money?
We have taken some industry standard figures and outlined rates for the average permanent and contract hires to give you an idea of your potential savings with us. If you would like us provide a detailed cost benefit analysis for your particular business, please contact us and we can do these calculations for you.

Agency Margin @20%

If you are looking for a contractor on a particular project, we can also assist with our unique approach to resourcing.

GeoRoc Consulting can help you find a suitable candidate from our carefully compiled database, and any hires that may arise as a result of our introduction, we retain no direct contract or “ownership” with the contractor, which could result in savings for yourself. See examples below:

Average client day rate = £500pd
Candidate Margin @80% = £400pd
Agency Margin @20% = £100pd

These are simplified examples and simply used to highlight potential savings. To find out more information about any our resourcing services, Contact Us.

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